Uncovering Truth

The energies on the planet are intensifying. As a result, a lot of truth is surfacing. It is unraveling despite attempts to push it down. It has been gathering momentum for some time now and is not going to let up. It is happening in politics, media, entertainment, and religion to name but a few. At the same time, the Earth herself is also going through an intense process of cleansing and releasing as it cannot hold the toxic energy any longer. As it clears it is stirring up a lot within us also, individually and collectively. As a result, many people are gradually experiencing spiritual awakenings, realizing that we are connected to the whole web of life, to Mother Earth, and to the great Cosmic Mother herself.

Our Truth

We are all being stirred to look within and allow our shadow to come out of the dark to be acknowledged. We may have hidden and denied it for a very long time. At the same time, our Light is coming through to help us integrate this process. Once we find the courage to look at it, heal, and release, it loses its power over us. We all have many layers to heal on different levels. These could be difficult stagnant emotions like grief, fear, unworthiness, shame, sadness, anger, and rage. There may be negative karma, inner child wounds, generational or ancestral patterns, or even memories from past lives that are still affecting our lives now. They create negative patterns and prevent us from being truly whole and evolving our consciousness.

Underneath all of this is the spark of Light at our core. It is our true Essence, the truth of who we are on a soul level. It is our connection to Unconditional Love to the Source from which we came.

These shadow aspects of us may have been denied for a very long time. They prevent us from allowing our gifts, our wisdom, and our potential to come through. It is not an easy journey to look at these aspects of ourselves. It is easier sometimes to place armor around our hearts to survive in this realm and that is what we have been doing. Memories of having spoken our truth previously, especially as women, and what happened to us for doing so have left its mark on us.
As we gently and lovingly look within, ancient fears of speaking our truth and the consequences of having done so may rise to the surface. As we find the courage to gently let go of the fear, we feel a burden lift over time and a shift takes place within. The hardest part is often breaking the resistance and trusting that we are safe. Take courage from the fact that it is now safe to speak your truth more than at any other time on Earth.

Mary Magdalene and The Divine Feminine.

As a result of working with the energy of Mary Magdalene in Divine Feminine Healing work over the last number of years, I felt called to travel to the South of France to visit the cave in the Saint-Baume Mountains where Mary Magdalene had spent her last days. Though the cave was a beautiful sacred space, I have to admit, the deepest connection I felt with her was in the beautiful Forest surrounding the cave, in Nature. In hindsight, I feel it is a call to ground and connect more deeply with Mother Earth, which is an aspect of us, as a way of reconnecting to the Divine Feminine. We do not need to look any further than within our own temples to find what we have been seeking.

What has also been unfolding even more deeply within me since then, is that we, women in particular, need to make a conscious choice to reconnect more deeply with the wisdom of our bodies. We need to heal our traumas and the shame that has been projected onto us for a very long time. We can then forge a path back to the ancient wisdom that has laid dormant for so long. In this way, we are deeply embodying the Divine Feminine and consciously carrying this into our daily lives. This, in turn, creates change around us. As we heal ourselves, we heal the collective and the Earth. This means looking at and accepting our dark aspects and distorted female patterns and integrating them.

For too long, we have been in our heads relying on reason and analysis, due to patriarchal conditioning. We have shut down and mistrusted our intuition. We have also sought wisdom outside ourselves or in the upper astral realms as a way of disconnecting from our bodies which were seen as shameful. However, this wisdom we seek has been lying dormant in our bodies, in particular, our sacred womb space, a powerful, multi-dimensional portal to so much truth.

Her Mission

Mary Magdalene was an apostle and partner to Jesus and their mission was to help us to balance the light and dark within. In this way, we heal our individual and collective shadow and find our way back to Love. This inner work loosens the ego’s fearful and destructive grip on us. They also represented the balance between our masculine and feminine aspects. Women and men alike need to work on reclaiming this balance. The absence of the feminine aspect of the divine has led to chaos and imbalance for thousands of years. Their attempts to restore these ancient teachings were thwarted. The feminine face of the Divine was not meant to be cast into the shadows. As a result, women and men also have suffered for a very long time. We have lost connection with our hearts, with the Earth Mother, and with the Mother of Creation.

Healing our wombs and men their Hara helps us to regain this connection and open up the power and potential in these sacred spaces within us. Easier said than done! It does not happen overnight. It takes commitment, energetic and emotional stamina, and a willingness to hold space for yourself to do the healing and then the integration work to bring about real change. We must also be patient with ourselves and practice self-compassion as we are nurtured back to a state of wholeness. It is, I feel a lifelong journey for all of us. It is about a willingness to get closer to the core of your own truth, of who you are before the world and its conditioning made you forget.

How I can help

I feel a deep calling to share this work with anybody who is ready to take the journey with me. It involves me firstly holding nonjudgemental space for you in very safe and focused practices that are grounded and embodied. This work is energetic and intuitive. It is about being honest with yourself consciously connecting to your body and letting go of what needs to be released. It is also about empowering you to connect more deeply with your higher self as you then hold space for yourself in the healing process that follows.I offer this work in One to One sessions as well as in Healing Circles.