Mary Magdalene

For the past number of years, I have been working with Mary Magdalene’s wisdom and the energy of the divine feminine in my Spiritual Light work. In early 2020, I followed my guidance to accept an offer to go on a retreat to Israel. My heart was drawn to it and so I booked my flight. It was due to take place in March 2020 but Covid 19 broke out and so the retreat had to be cancelled due to travel restrictions. It went ahead online anyway during lockdown. It was a series of zoom meet-ups, working with meditation, teachings, and deep healing processes with the energy and wisdom of Mary Magdalene. This work is not based on any religion but it is a process of spiritual growth and development.

I learnt a lot about her and had an insatiable desire to know more. In my search, I stumbled upon Megan Watterson’s book “Mary Magdalene Revealed” which gave me great insight into who she was and what she stood for.

Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. She was an apostle and a visionary. She was the first to witness the resurrection. She is the one Jesus ,a great spiritual teacher chose to announce the good news and spread his message of love on Earth. This was her mission. She became the Love that he embodied. She had the courage to go and fulfil this mission despite the challenges faced by a woman of her time.

The quote below from “Mary Magdalene Revealed” touched me profoundly.

“This love she became is what our world needs most desperately. It’s a love that renders all things sacred, from the animals to the angels, from the poorest to the most powerful. It’s a love that sees the inherent worth in all living things. Mary Magdalene is the embodiment of a love that reaches where it never has before”

Mary Magdalene had done her inner spiritual work, and had become the “Anthropos” which means “fully human and fully divine”. We are light and we are shadow and we need to allow ourselves to integrate our shadow selves and become whole. We are all meant to be both human and divine and this is what has been lost to us. It has been lost due to hierarchical structures that have blinded us to the fact that each of us is as divine as the next. We are a bridge between heaven and earth and most people don’t realise they have this power and creative potential within themselves.

Mary Magdalene’s wisdom is an aspect of divine feminine consciousness which is on the rise at the moment. This is awakening in both men and women. To become whole, we need to embrace our divinity and allow it to be integrated into our humanity. We also need to balance our masculine and feminine qualities, the creative force of the feminine along with the driving force of the masculine in balance. Both men and women have a lot of work to do to achieve this balance within themselves.If they are out of balance we have chaos within ourselves and in the collective.

This retreat, along with other programs I participated in took me on a journey of deepening my connection to her as an aspect of the divine feminine and also my connection to the Divine Mother, the source of all creation. We are all connected to this source, to our creative potential, to love as a force that connects us all.

I learnt that the divine feminine is represented in different ways by many different cultures and religions but ultimately they all share the same vision. In the past, there have been many wise female mystics who taught and lived this message but were ignored, punished and even killed for speaking about it. Different people all over the world are now channeling and working with this consciousness with the ultimate aim to raise the collective consciousness from one of fear and lack to a more nurturing way of being with Love as a guiding force.

How has this connection helped me so far?