Divine Feminine Consciousness

The Earth and all of us living on it are shifting to a new level of reality in which the consciousness of love, compassion, inner peace and spiritual awareness prevails. It is a consciousness of living from the heart where the mind and ego do not take precedence over love and trust.

The world has been out of balance for too long where the creative force of the Divine Feminine consciousness and it’s place in our world have been ignored and seen as insignificant. It is a consciousness of unconditional love but so far, no value has been placed on this. The wisdom and power of the feminine have been ignored or taken for granted.

But this is the age of the emergence of the Divine Feminine in both men and women. There has been resistance to this for too long and now it is time to balance these parts of us. Women need to heal their wounded feminine aspects and men need to deal with their masculine woundings for this balance to emerge. The old programming is all about fear, hate, and resistance to change. This, in turn, is reflected in the collective consciousness as a result of the imbalance within us individually. How we deal with Mother Earth is how we deal with the feminine. We need to change, heal and reconnect with the Earth. We are entering an age where this balance is becoming so crucial to our very survival on the planet.


We are destroying the Earth in many different ways. She provides us with all we need yet we take her for granted and do not respect her. Our treatment of animals also is a reflection of our thinking that we are the superior species and they are there for our use. We need to wake up to the fact that we are all connected, the Earth and all living species on it and what we are doing to them, we do to ourselves.