Angel Card Healing

We all have a guardian angel. We are surrounded by angels waiting to help and guide us through life. They are a great source of comfort when you need guidance and support. I connect with them on a daily basis. I also sense the presence of Archangels, particularly Archangel Michael, the supreme protector, Archangel Raphael, the angel associated with healing, and Gabriel, who is associated with communication and messages. They are all powerful guides for us to reach out to. The key is to connect with your heart and be clear about what you need guidance for.

Then be open to receiving it in whatever way is most suitable for you. It can be with receiving particular signs like particular numbers repeatedly showing up, feathers, robins, and songs with messages. It is often a voice inside you guiding you. Everybody is different. The main thing is to know that it is not your imagination but guidance within you.

It is very important also to express gratitude to them afterwards for their support and guidance. Many people have told me they were connected to angels when they were children, some even used to see them. However, they shut down this connection due to the way this was viewed by people close to them and society as a whole. I want to encourage you to reconnect with them as they are always there for you.

I am blown away by how many young people are connecting to angels now. At a recent holistic fair, so many teenagers and young people approached me to talk about their experiences of angels and signs they were getting. They were excited about receiving guidance. Their awareness and trust was so inspiring and uplifting.It is a very hopeful sign for the future and that people are becoming more aware that we are connected to something far greater than the reality we perceive on a day to day basis.

How can Angel card healing help you?

I trained as an angel card practitioner with Aidan Storey. I ask for support and guidance on a daily basis myself and I use Angel cards in my healing sessions. This is not to be mistaken with tarot card reading. It is not about foreseeing the future but being open to receiving loving guidance on any area of life you need support with. It is a tool to help you connect with divine guidance.

So if you are becoming curious about angels or feel you are receiving some signs, an Angel card healing is a good way to tap into your intuition and higher self. If you want some guidance and healing on various aspects of your life, an angel card healing can put you on the right track.

What to expect in an angel card reading.

  • I start by guiding you through a short meditation to ground you and connect to your heart so you are open to receiving guidance.
  • You tell me about what areas you need guidance with.
  • We deal with various questions you need guidance with by intuitively choosing cards for each. I will then interpret their messages.
  • For a zoom reading, I send a link. We meet on zoom and it is the same as above.

Angel Card Healing


Angel Card Healing


Client Testimonials

I would highly recommend a visit to Nora Therese.  She is a gifted healer and a gentle, empathic special person.  I feel privileged to have met Nora on my life path as she has made a big impact on me. She has brought balance into both my personal and professional life. Nora has guided me to a place where I have wonderful inner peace.

T. Phelan, Dublin
I put my trust in Nora and allowed the healing to take place in divine timing. I feel I got out of my own way and just observed the changes.

Nóra Therèse is passionate about her work and is a very genuine lady.

Teresa, Dublin
The healings with Nóra helped me to work through old beliefs, thoughts, and patterns that were preventing me from enjoying life to its full. Although at times the healings brought to the surface some unpleasant feelings and emotions, it was all worth it. I trusted that I would gain so much and I have. Thank you, Nora.
E. K., Dublin

I contacted Nóra in 2020 and booked a Distant Reiki session so that I could receive Reiki after my work day. I was experiencing anxiety, insomnia, and general low grade depression and had been to Nóra In person for Reiki treatments before this and had felt the power of her work. In the Distant session, I was able to lie down in bed, I chatted  with Nóra for a few minutes before the session to set my intention for the session, then switched off my phone to lie back and enjoy the treatment. Within 10-15 mins I was in a deep state of semi-consciousness that lasted for over an hour.

I finally roused myself after about 90 mins and felt a deep sense of peace and calm which lasted for a couple of days. Nóra has a particular gift for powerful Reiki which helps to soothe my nervous system and provides grounding. I love working with her.

Michelle H, Ireland
My session with Nóra was a beautiful experience. I felt nurtured and contained throughout the entire session. I experienced a feeling of the “broken” parts of me being brought back together into a beautiful whole. It was a subtle feeling of energies merging within me. At one point in the session, under Nóra’s guidance, I could feel all that wasn’t serving me leave my body through my feet. Once again, this was very subtle but it was a truly powerful peaceful feeling and I came away with a sense of being “minded” and wrapped in divine Love and light.
B. McBride, Dublin
The healings I received from Nóra have been nothing short of transformational for me in my life. Nóra is very intuitive and a great listener. She is able to get to the root of what needs to be healed with her intuitive abilities and capacity to bring very deep healing. After doing many healings with her, I’m more confident, less fearful, and much more in touch with my purpose and life’s mission. I will continue to seek Nóra’s healing and guidance and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to push themselves to change for the better and step into their power or anyone who needs extra support to get to a higher level in their life. I have had the most incredible experience of divine love and support during her healings. It’s like a blanket of warmth and love showered over your mind, body, and soul washing over the darkness and being showered with love and light.
Alex, Dublin

I came to Nóra Therèse as I was feeling off balance since giving birth. I was 7 months postnatal and I felt that my body was no longer mine. The therapy room was softly lit and there was gentle music which created a sense of calm. Nóra was warm and gentle and I instantly relaxed.

I felt a wonderful release of tension from my body as Nóra began the treatment. It really was like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders. I experienced images and colours throughout my relaxation and felt an enormous amount of emotion slowly releasing. It was as if the stagnant energy was evaporating and I was left with pure, clean energy in my body.

I am grateful for the level of skill she used on me. 100% recommend a session with her.

G. Newport, Dublin
This lady is an angel, a true healer. She guided and helped me through physical and mental therapy, helping me to let go of the negative while welcoming in the light.
E. Murphy, Cork
Nóra is an incredibly gifted, compassionate, and intuitive healer. I found I always left my session with Nóra feeling lighter and with more clarity. I would highly recommend Nóra.
Aisling, Dublin

Nóra Therèse creates a lovely safe bubble of peace and tranquillity in which to enjoy a truly healing experience.

G. McAlinden, Dublin

I started going to Nóra after quite a traumatic experience in my life. She was so kind and understanding with me. I felt so comfortable with her.

Her sessions are beautiful, so calming, and healing. My weekly session with Nóra was the highlight of my week and I always felt better leaving her. I can’t wait to get back for some more sessions. She has healing hands and a kind heart.

Michelle G, Dublin

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