In-Person Reiki Healing


1 Hour Healing in-person at my practice in Dublin 7.



What happens during an In-Person Reiki Treatment?

The client lies on a plinth, fully clothed and is covered with a blanket. I will have candles lighting and calm soothing music playing in the background so you can relax in a calm space. I place my hands gently on or just above your 7 chakra (energy centres of the body).

I start at the Crown chakra and work all the way down to your Root chakra. I am professionally trained to channel the Reiki energy so it flows from my hands as I move from chakra to chakra. The energy will flow to wherever it is needed. I do a clearing and a balancing of the chakra as I work. This balances the energy in your body and can lead to a feeling of deep relaxation and an overall sense of well-being.

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