In-Person Divine Plan Healing



  • 1 Hour 15 Minute Consultation
  • Divine Love Essence Valued at €25.50
  • 15 – 20 Minute Follow up call


How does it work?

As soon as you contact me, I will make an appointment at an agreed time for you to come to my healing practice in Dublin 7.

As soon as you make the Exchange for the healing, I will send you a Divine Plan Healing Consultation form to read carefully, sign and e mail back to me.

I will e-mail a preparation document to help you to be ready for the session.

When you arrive on the agreed date for your one to one session, we will spend a short time deciding on a Target for the healing.We will both write this down before the healing begins.

You will lie on a plinth, fully clothed with eyes closed. A blanket will be placed over you. I will initiate the Light in the session, repeat mantras aloud and ask you to also repeat some. You will open yourself up to receive this pure Light of for a period of time while I act as your witness. After some time, I will do a clearing and repeat mantras. You will be asked to repeat some mantras aloud.

The last part is using The Divine Love Essence which you then take away with you to continue the healing process. This enables you to be in control of the healing process at all times. You take it for 4 weeks while journaling on a daily basis any changes, shifts you notice.

We will decide on a date for a follow up, debriefing call (approx. 4 weeks later, after which you will have 2 more weeks of the Light integrating into your system.

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