Distant Reiki Healing


Receive 1 Hour Reiki Healing from the comfort of your own home.



How does a Distant Reiki Healing work?

Distant or Remote Reiki sessions are just as powerful as one to one sessions and can be received from the comfort of your own home.

  1. On the day of your appointment, I will contact you 5 or 10 mins before the appointed time to connect and talk about the reason for having a Reiki session.
  2. You will already have prepared a quiet space to lie down under a blanket
  3. Once the call finishes, I will send you the healing energy from my practice in Dublin 7, using the same techniques described in the in person sessions but using additional Distant healing techniques I have learnt for this type of healing.
  4. I will e mail you the next day to check in, offer feedback and you can give feedback of your experience.
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