Distant Event Divine Plan Healing



  • Supports any event in your life
  • Sent prior to the event to support it
  • 15 – 20 Minute Follow up call


How does it work?

Divine Plan Event Healings are Distant Healings that are given before an event takes place. From births to funerals, any occasion can be supported by The Emerald Heart Light. Here are some other examples of Events which it can support.

  • A wedding
  • A party
  • A difficult talk
  • A meeting
  • An interview
  • A job
  • Supporting the mother of a still-born child
  • Supporting the spirit of the child also
  • A family gathering

The ultimate goal of an Event healing is always for the highest good of all participants.They are not about manipulating or imposing one’s will on Events but are given without attachment to support the Event. They are not about the victory of one person or group of attendees over another. What we do is invite the Emerald Heart to support an Event or occasion.The Event will unfold in the Light of Truth and that also means hidden truth.

You will tell me the date and time of the upcoming Event and pay the exchange for the healing.

I will give you an appointment to phone/zoom after the Event for follow up and feedback.

I will send the Healing ahead of the Event date.

When you contact me after the Event, I will evaluate, explain or clarify any questions that might have arisen.

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