Distant Divine Plan Healing



  • 1 Hour 15 Minute Consultation
  • Divine Love Essence Valued at €25.50
  • 15 – 20 Minute Follow up call

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How does it work?

Divine Plan Healings can be given from a distance. Actually, you can receive a healing anywhere in the world from wherever I am. This has many advantages. You do not have to travel to me which saves time and travel expenses. Divine Plan Healing is as powerful as when you are in the same space as the healer. The Healing works in exactly the same way as a One to one healing but from a distance.

How does a Distant healing work?
Once you have booked an appointment time and made the Exchange for the healing, I will send you a Divine Love Essence in the post along with an instruction card with the intake procedure. Your Essence should ideally arrive before your appointment date so you can start taking the essence immediately after the healing.

I will e-mail you a Divine Plan consultation form for you to read carefully, sign and e-mail back to me before the appointment.

I will e-mail you a preparation document so you are ready for the healing.

You will contact me via zoom or phone at the agreed appointment time. This is a brief call to check you have the necessary items for the Distant Healing ready. We will also decide on the healing Target for the session. This is written down by both of us. We will also make an appointment for you to phone or zoom me in 4 weeks time for the follow up and feedback

When we are ready to begin, we disconnect the call, lie down comfortably and cover yourself up with the Blanket and I will send the healing.

After 4 weeks, you will contact me for a short debriefing where you read from your journal any major changes in relation to the target set.

Note about postage and transmissions

There can be extra costs  or  delays when sending the Divine Love essence to different parts of the world. In some cases, a courier is needed. So I would like to offer other options to help you.

We have a new, more advanced way  of working. As well as receiving Distant Healing vibration in your own home, you can also receive a transmission of Divine Love essence vibration to your home. It is very easy. You just need a small bottle of pure, mineral water and follow simple instructions.

I understand if this way of working is difficult to grasp at first. Let me reassure you that when you receive an essence vibration transfer into a bottle  you have prepared yourself, following our instructions, it has the exact same benefit as if I sent a prepared bottle to you.

The Divine Love ‘vibration’ received is the key, the important element . In fact when you prepare a bottle for your own use, you are  embracing  the sacred nature of receiving spiritual light and a spiritual vibration and it helps you prepare for your healing session. Your heart has opened to make the request and it is more uniquely yours. You are  also avoiding  postage costs and delays.

Of  course, you can  still order a prepared bottle of Divine Love essence. The choice is yours.. There are extra postage charges and considerations for this method.

If you still have questions  on this, you can e-mail me and I can offer more clarity.

Options for receiving  your Divine Love essence.

  1. Order a prepared Divine Love essence bottle. It is a 10ml bottle prepared with 30% alcohol used as preservative. It does not affect any other homeopathic remedies or medication. Postage costs involved and allow time for your essence to arrive.
  2. Order a Divine Love essence bottle as above but prepared without alcohol. Alcohol is not necessary as it is for your own, immediate use. Postage costs involved and allow time for your essence to arrive.
  3. Transmission of the Divine Love essence vibration. This is a remote transmission of the essence vibration to a bottle that you have prepared. This is easy to do using a small bottle of pure mineral water. The vibration is the important aspect and you will receive full instructions in your order confirmation. There is no postage cost involved.
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