Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing

What is Divine Plan Healing?

Divine Plan Healing is a new healing system which uses a very high form of pure Light and consciousness called The Emerald Heart Light which is perfectly balanced with the love and wisdom of Mary Magdalene, an aspect of the emerging consciousness of the Divine Feminine. It is not connected to any particular religion though it is a spiritual process.

The name Divine Plan means that it helps you step into your own Divine plan, your own personal Blueprint.

Do you know what your own personal Blueprint is?
Do you ever ask yourself
‘Who am I and what do I really want in life?’

Maybe you need clarity on this or perhaps you have a knowing who you are deep inside but certain things are blocking you from really living the life you want?

Divine Plan Healing works gently on a deep level of consciousness and will help you to look within and discover the truth of who you are. It will gently open your heart to Love. It will help you connect to unconditional Love so that you can more easily let go of beliefs about yourself and judgements that hold you back.

Divine Plan Healing can help you

  • Let go of any fears that are holding you back

  • Help you to love yourself unconditionally

  • Help you recognise limiting beliefs and patterns

  • Empower you to make changes

  • Help you to cope with anxiety and stress

  • Help you step into your power

  • Support you with physical challenges

  • Live a more positive life

  • Further your spiritual development

  • Help you balance your masculine and feminine qualities

How does a healing work?

A session lasts approx. 1 hour and 15 mins. At the start, I will briefly chat about the Target you wish to set for your healing. You lie on a plinth with eyes closed and fully clothed and get ready to receive the Light. I will start by invoking the light using mantras (It is not connected to any religion but it is a sacred, spiritual healing).The Light goes to you directly. I witness the healing so it is not a hands on healing like Reiki.

I will repeat some mantras aloud throughout the session and will ask you at various points to repeat some aloud also. You then lie under a blanket for some time and allow this pure Light to flow to you as I act as a witness to the healing. Old, unwanted energies are freed by the Light. I will then do a clearing and afterwards seal the work.

The Divine Love Essence

Divine Love Essence

The next part of the healing is using the Essence called Divine Love. This is a high vibrational Essence which consists of 30% Alcohol for preservation and 70% water and an energy frequency. It is a high vibrational essence. I use this in the healing and you take this away with you afterwards to take 3 drops, 3 times a day. This is an easy way for you to continue the healing process for 4 weeks while working with your target. It empowers you to be in charge of the healing process at all times.

This makes it quite unique as a healing process. It is not just healing but a deeply transformative process.( Please note that Divine Plan Healings are not intended to replace medical care and/or medications from a qualified health practitioner. Also, if you suffer from psychiatric issues, it is not recommended without written permission from a doctor)

The Divine love Essence supports you and is a very important part of the process. You may notice subtle changes and some old energies may come up to be released. This is the Light showing you what needs to be looked at and it will support you as you release them. You may experience some emotional discomfort but trust that are safe at all times. Even if the process presents you with some challenges to work with, these are usually a very real sign of change.


Daily note taking in your journal while taking the Essence is another very important part of the process and helps you work through the challenges that you may face. As you take the Essence, note down any thoughts, feelings, changes within you or in the people and/or circumstances in your life.

Divine Plan Healing is unique as you get a 6 week healing process for one initial fee. After finishing taking the Essence, you then have a follow up debriefing call and discuss major changes, shifts from your journal and I will offer guidance in relation to what you have experienced. You then have 2 more weeks in which you allow the light to become more fully integrated into your system. After this, many clients experience a shift in consciousness while balance is being restored.

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My personal experience with Divine Plan Healing

Divine Plan Healing has changed my life by deepening my spiritual growth, helping to gradually unfold my gifts and talents, balance my feminine and masculine qualities so I feel more whole.It has made me recognise particular patterns I have had which held me back in life. It has provided me with a process to work with as I take responsibility for these and change them. It has taught me that if you really want change, you can achieve it by letting of what no longer serves you.

Divine Plan Healing has helped me to find the courage to stand in my power where previously, I would have allowed limiting beliefs hold me back. I now feel I have a greater sense of self-love and a deeper connection to my divine self.

Client Testimonials

I am so grateful to Nora whom I have completed two Divine Plan Healings with. These healings have been nothing short of transformational for me in my life. Nora listened and intuitively guided me to set targets for the healings to best help me progress to the best of my ability. I was delighted with the results and how I achieved above and beyond what I set out to do. I’m more confident, less fearful and much more in touch with my purpose and life’s mission. Nora is a very powerful healer and I am so happy she introduced me to Divine Plan Healing – it’s a very deep and sacred process which is a lot more potent and transformational than other healing modalities in my opinion. Nora was very supportive to me when going through the six week healing process, kindly following up the next day after the initial healing with her and then concluding with a zoom call a month later. I will continue to seek Nora’s healing and guidance and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to push themselves to change for the better and to step into their power.

Alexandra, Dublin

Divine plan Healing was a wonderful l experience  for me  although, at first, I found it hard to grasp.  I never expected Nora to have such an amazing gift.

She has changed my life in so many ways. Before I started seeing her, I was in a very dark place. Her gift has  made such a difference to my mind and body.. I was filled with so much love , joy, and compassion towards myself , people and the world around me after having a healing. I am very much looking forward to receiving my next Divine Plan healing with Nora

J. C Meath, Ireland

The Divine Plan healing with Nora was instrumental in awakening me to the true nature of my mind. This very powerful form of healing illuminated the blockages in my life that were keeping me within the confines of trauma based beliefs.

Daragh Byrne, Dublin

I have had 3 Divine Plan healings with Nora. It has helped me through some very difficult times in my life. It has given me an understanding of the negative stories I have told myself, and the beliefs I had. Divine Plan gave me a healing process ,a way to move forward in my life. I have opened my heart to myself with  love and compassion.

I have seen that trauma does not have to destroy you and how you can live a healthy emotional life if you are willing to do this work. It has opened a new world to me of peace and balance. I am very grateful for this Divine intervention in helping me on my soul journey. I felt a lot of fear leave my mind and body. It was a darkness that had  smothered my soul and I couldn’t hear  my higher self guiding me. to the loving being that I am. My heart is now open to my soul consciousness.

Thank you so much Nora

Joanie Whyte, Dublin

I really enjoyed the healing session and found it very relaxing. I experienced a great sense of clarity  and focus in the first week and found myself journaling a lot and it gave me more focus  around continued journaling which was great. I felt it gave me a sense of trusting my own guidance and following my gut feeling.

D F, Dublin

Nora has done two Event Healings for me to date. Nora’s event Healings allow greater support from the Divine and the Universe to lovingly help for a result that is of greater benefit for all involved. It definitely helped me to relax and surrender with trust during events in my life that were of huge significance.

Alex, Dublin

I came to Nora after years of struggling with self confidence and unworthiness. Despite having a successful and comfortable life on the surface and dabbling with traditional talking therapies and hypnosis for years, there was an internal block which just wouldn’t shift.

Having gone through the Divine plan healing with Nora, and it’s a journey, sometimes painful and confusing, something did shift and brought me to myself. I can’t put my finger on what exactly but  that’s totally irrelevant.

It’s like I’ve stepped into the shoes of my own existence and felt my own radiance, truly for the first time in 42 years. I know  now,I am enough and nobody else will ever break that belief.

I am my own Universe , safe, brave, forever changing and it’s comforting.

K.L, Dublin

Since having two sessions of Divine Plan Healing with Nora things have been amazing.

It helped me navigate through a difficult time in my life by teaching me to trust my gut more and put me on my true path in life.

Stephen Mc C, Dublin

I found Nora’s  Remote Divine Plan Healing very beneficial for me.

I had the healing because of physical symptoms I had been having for a long time.

The healing session itself offered a chance to relax. Nora explained how the healing works in a very clear and friendly manner.  The journalling for the next 4 weeks, I found very revealing and it gave me a chance to observe and explore situations and experiences in my life and also how I live my life day to day and what way I react and respond to things.  I feel some of the thoughts and feelings that came up for me through the journalling may be having an impact on the physical symptoms I’ve been experiencing. Nora was always happy to answer any questions by email during the process and also did a follow up call after 4 weeks to reflect on how things were going.

It gave me lots to think about and to work on going forward.

Edel, Dublin

I had a Distant healing with Nora Therese during the lockdown in 2020. I lay down while feeling excited that something magical was about to happen. I didn’t feel anything during that part of the healing. The magic began for me a few days after starting the essence. I became acutely aware of feelings and thoughts that I never had before. I was able to put them together, forming answers to questions I had relating to the issue.

It was fascinating how these thoughts guided me. It wasn’t always easy and there were days when I only took the essence once or avoided taking it altogether because of the power of what I was experiencing. My biggest challenge was keeping a daily journal. This was  crucial  so I didn’t  forget the details.

Be prepared to face whatever needs to be faced and keep a journal of everything that ‘happens’ during this time. I was amazed. This is a very powerful healing.

Catherine, Galway

I have been enjoying the benefits of Reiki since early teenage years. However, this was the first time I was introduced to the Divine Plan Healing process.

I was curious but went into the appointment with no expectations. I was pleasantly surprised with  the feelings and thoughts that came over me during the session and the outcomes that followed over the following weeks.

At the start, I felt fragile and vulnerable but with each day passing I was gaining a lot of strength and closure. The things which bothered me before the session are no longer on my mind.
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I am looking forward  to another one soon.
I am very grateful I came across Nora for Divine Plan Healing as she was very warm, open and extremely helpful throughout the process. She always offered  helpful insight and advice.

Lidia Juskowiak, Dublin

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Divine Plan Healing

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Divine Plan Healing

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  • Divine Love Essence Valued at €25

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