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Holistic Therapist in Dublin 7, Ireland

Nora Therese Leahy - Divine Plan & Reiki Healer

I have been on the spiritual path since 2012, having gone through a transformational process with the Emerald Heart Light, a very pure form of spiritual Light which gradually opened my heart and the door to my own personal growth.

It changed my life as it helped me to go outside my comfort zone and take my first steps towards change. After this, I began trying out and reading about all kinds of healing modalities and energy healing including Reiki.

I felt drawn to Reiki in particular and consequently, I trained in Reiki with Aidan Storey, a leading Reiki Master and Angelic healer. I started with Level 1, level 2 and then Masters Level. Following this, I trained in Angelic Healing with Aidan.

The natural step for me after this was to open my Reiki practice in Dublin 7 so that I could share my experience with people of working with the energy of Reiki. I have built up a strong client base over the past few years here in Dublin and I also have many clients outside Dublin as I also offer Distant Healings.

During this time, I have had an unquenching thirst to deepen my own personal evolution and in doing so, help others to find more meaning in their lives.

I continued to work with The Emerald Heart Light by receiving healings and going on retreat. It was on an Emerald Heart retreat in 2014 that I was first heard about The Divine Plan Healing System, a New Healing System that uses Emerald Heart Light and the love and wisdom of Mary Magdalene. I tried distant and one to one Divine Plan Healings for myself which were powerful experiences and helped me to really step outside my comfort zone.

I was excited about sharing this with my clients so not long afterwards, I trained as a Divine Plan Healer level 1 and began offering healings to clients in my practice in Dublin 7. The feedback was very positive. I have now trained to Level 2 with Advanced techniques and it truly has been a very empowering journey.

My passion for helping others

I am passionate about empowering others to find the courage to open themselves up to making changes in their lives. I am a very intuitive healer and can guide you as you go through this process. I am drawing from my own personal experience of my journey and what I have learned from working with my clients.

I believe that recognising you need change is a big step forward. Then, be willing to go with the flow. If you can do this, you are on the road to finding your true path in life.

Life is flow. Life is movement and to be comfortable, we must be flexible and move with it. A Willow tree bends and sways and flows with the wind and is always graceful and at ease with life.

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